About Us




”Ballet class is like Life Lessons 101.

You learn some of life's most important lessons here

that you will carry with you forever.”

- Joanne H. Morscher








Mission Statement




Ballet Classic is a noncompetitive studio that provides a positive, nurturing environment for students. We combine technique, performance, creativity, discipline, and fun!  We strive to provide quality, age appropriate training in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  We offer special programs for those aspiring to have a career in ballet as well as those looking to just dance for fun. Ballet Classic offers students an educational experience where students not only learn proper dance technique, but gain a true appreciation for the art of ballet that we hope will last for the rest of their lives.
We create a studio full of smiling faces, children who are discovering and developing their artistic side and this builds their self-confidence.


We want children to walk away from every class knowing that they worked hard, did a great job and each of them feels beautiful and confident.   We believe that children can learn best in a positive, happy, creative environment and that is our passion at Ballet Classic.


We believe through sharing our performances and providing a place where members of our community are welcome to learn the art of dance, which we add to the depth, and diversity that makes up our community.